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Kevin Swanson
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday August 13, 2014 - Robin Williams Commits Suicide

Consistency to a Worldview

Just thinking about what Kevin Swanson is going to say about the late Robin Williams makes me want to slap that silly smirk off his face in the photo on his site. I'm betting what he says will make Matt Walsh's disgusting blog seem like inoffensive fluff, as harmless as marshmallow fluff, instead of the nouthetics bull that it was.

This is the most I've been skeeved out and not looking forward to the puerile ravings on one Mr. Kevin Swanson.

It's a dirty job but someone has to monitor what comes out of the mouth of this horribly inappropriate supposed Christian man. I suspect he would horrify Jesus by the things he says and how he says them.

Cue the clown music and fast talking.

00:15 His other boot licking side kick Steve Vaugh is here so you can bet it's going to get vile, hateful and inappropriate. In other words sort of like a KKK rally.

00:30 "This is a sad story" re: Williams suicide.

1:25 "This is certainly demonstrating the chinks in a dying culture"

1:38 If this was a drinking game where you had to do a shot every time Swanson said something you didn't expect I would be drinking right now. He called Robin Williams a genius. But... there are so many over the top dramatic mispronunciations right now it's painful to listen to.

2:28 aw jezee.. he's already said 'culture' several dozen times and seems to be heading towards saying that the culture Williams lived in cause his depression/suicide after the last few minutes of praising Williams.

3:07 Rolling eyes here, they're blaming the mainstreaming of "The F Word", or as we non-koolaid drinkers call it 'Fuck' on Robin William's standup routine.

3:39 using the 'F Word' is one of the most self destructive things you can do according to the Gospel by K. Swanson. Did he live in a plastic bubble his entire life?

4:24 - Saying the 'F Word' is the crossover from being a man to reducing everyone to animals. More sexual hangups than the pegboard holding the vibrators at the sex toy shop.

4:46 Now Kevin is claiming that the big bad 'F Word' means either animals copulating or rape.

5:39 He's busting out his other buzzword - Worldview- and starting to whore out his new book "Tattooed Jesus" about, you guessed it, Culture and Worldview.

6:42 Comparing Robin Williams to Ernest Hemingway and saying that saying the 'F Word' over and over and over again in life leads right to suicide. If that's the case why haven't Stevedores, Dock Workers, Sailors, Bartenders, etc, started dropping dead by suicide left and right?

7:13 Nihilistic evolutionary worldview is so hopeless you start committing suicide.

7:36 Moving right along to bringing up Williams well publicized problems with drugs and alcohol, blaming it on worldview instead of what it likely was, self-medicating for chronic depression.

8:35 First mention of Swanson's horrible book "Apostate" Gotta mention it at least three or four times each show and offering it now at reduced price.

9:23 Another whoring out mention of "Apostate". Book not selling so well?

10:03 Liberal arts degree holders, especially literary arts,  are responsible for the liberal worldview being promoted by the culture.

10:22 Literary Arts lead to apostasy

10:43 Another mention of "Apostate"! Ha.

12:35 Lots of blathering about "carpe diem" and Robin Williams role as John Keating in the "Dead Poets Society" leading to suicide. At least Kevin has shut up about his own damn books.

13:51 Now blathering about "Patch Adams" and how death is the big enemy. Huh? Doesn't Kevin know that Jesus said that to conquer death you only have to die. Doesn't sound like fear or enemy to me, just Swanson making illogical leaps.

Here comes that muzak.

14:39 Ad for his Father and Son retreat. Yawn. What is Kevin going to teach them? How to avoid hemorrhoids from hours sitting in a basement ranting against Obama and "THE WORLDVIEW"!

16:42 Pop culture is despairing and world view is despairing now. Despair is mainstream.

17:48 I can hear Kevin spitting on the microphone he's mispronouncing so hard to declare that humanists are realizing there is no purpose to life and dying/committing suicide at young ages.

18:08 "Embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ or bust, suicide"

18:20 Mentioning Ken Ham, the guy that debated Bill Nye and lost it, Ham's now claiming that Christian music and musicians are now mocking cretonism.. errr, creationism. Apparently the band Gungor is saying you cannot take all the Bible literally. This is good because Kevin has pronounced the name "Gungor" a dozen different ways in this segment. Most interesting thing in the entire lame program.

20:15 Oh holy you-know-what! Gungor is denying that the Noah's flood story is true because 'science and rational thought'. This is causing Swanson's head to spin. Science is like kryptonite to these guys.

Why is it always black or white with these guys? Why is any other possible thought so damn threatening to them?

22:40 now they are mocking science. Oh brother.

24:16 K Swizzle sounds like he's starting to foam at the mouth trying to debunk scientific observation, carbon dating and DNA. Has he had his rabies shots?

24:30 Major spitting and dramatic mispronunciation to try and show science as some junk voodoo. Sort of like one of my granddad's goats when they're annoyed.

Gungor is on the road to apostasy.

27:35 Now Kevin is attacking Bloom Church of Denver, the church that Gungor is part of. Very Christian of him. He's saying they are the ultimate in false religion and humanism.

28:49 Second mention/whoring out his upcoming book "The Tattooed Jesus" so that you'll know if you're following "THE REAL JESUS!"

29:36 Another mention of "Apostate"! Get your copy and give Kevin back his garage.

29:27 Now Kevin is pissed off because Bloom Church welcomes everyone regardless of race, color, gender or sexual orientation. He wants them to call homosexuals to REPENTANCE!!!!!

30:46 Gungor says that they were inspired by Rob Bell (or as he is known to the Evangelicals "Satan") and Rachel Held Evans ("Mrs. Satan" or maybe "Satan's Sister", take your pick)

31:41 Fourth, maybe fifth mention of "Apostate" He really must be desperate to move those books taking up valuable real estate in his garage. Bet they'd make dandy toilet paper in a pinch.

and we're done.



  1. A friend of mine once dared me to go into an adult bookstore, so I did. I then tried to get my mom to go in one with me just for kicks. She said, "Cindy, I would, but you know if we did, just as we walked out, the pastor and six people from church would drive by and see us."

    Then there's this:

    >>>4:24 - More sexual hangups than the pegboard holding the vibrators at the sex toy shop.<<<

    Now, the sexual hangups quip is clever and funny -- which means that Swanson stole it from somewhere, because these guys are not original thinkers. But the question remains as to where the guy picked up the idiom or whether he actually knows from experience that there are walls full of sex toys on peg boards in such establishments. I would not have known to even think of this had I not been in one. I didn't know what to expect.

    Does his intended audience go into sex toy shops? Does he think that they have any concept for understanding the joke? Isn't he concerned about the imagery he's encouraging if such a thing like sex for pleasure is sinful?

  2. Actually, there is a Hebrew equivalent for the use of the "F" word. I have it written down somewhere, but it translates literally as "look back in anger," but it is understood by Israeli's to be the effing equivalent. As non-pretentious as their society is, its usage is common in many circles, particularly among men.

    We know he's clueless, but he's so clueless. I have a profound grasp of the obvious.

  3. 1:25 "This is certainly demonstrating the chinks in a dying culture"

    LOL. Is this a kinist racial slur? ROFLOL

  4. I have to stop reading, but I can't now. The word derives from the German "fucken" which refers to something that goes awry and cannot be fixed, or the act thereof. It was transliterated into English. It sure would have been convenient if the Nazis and the rest of Germany who used it in their vernacular would have committed suicide.

    I have to get out of this serious mood, or I'll never get anything done today.