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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tuesday August 5th 2014 - Columbine, Dahmer, Finland Killer

Evolution's Prodigies - With that title I think that Kevin needs to take a look at one of Weird Al's newest videos -

I think Weird Al would poke out his ear drums after listening to Swanson's daily Word Crimes and dramatic mispronunciations. I feel like it, which is why I'm only doing this once or twice a week now even as I stated at first I would do it daily. It's too depressing for every day. A constant barrage of stupid with word-mangling thrown in.

Swanson's going to try to prove that because these three believed in evolution that they couldn't help but turn out to be warped serial killers. He didn't prove his suppositions last week when he was talking of Jeffery Dahmer. The whole serial killer thing must be fascinating to K. Swizzle.

Steeling myself for his horrible intro music...3....2...1...oh barf!

We start with the usually babbling at warp speed with mention of his basement and butt kissing side kick Bill Jack.

00.52 Sidekick bragging about hauling a bunch of college aged students out to do street ministry.

Satan - 1
Satan's minions - 1
Worldview -15
Millennial Generation - 1
Word Mispronunciation - 40 - An all time new high score! I've heard people with a mouth filled with marbles enunciate more clearly.
Evolution/evolutionist - 19
Jeffrey Dahmer - 12
Hannibel Lecter - 1

2:10 - Mainstream liberal media is covering up the quotes of Jeffrey Dahmer that prove his evolutionary world view caused him to kill.

Columbine - 7
Ideas have consequences - 4

3:07 - Evolutionist college professors are training these killers in their biology classrooms.

Marxism - 1

4:09 - Blaming it on the eugenics of Margaret Sanger and Adolph Hitler. Swanson has such a constant hardon for Hitler and the 3rd Reich!

4:31 - Hitler and eugenics are linked directly to Darwin and evolutionary theory

Non-believers want to disown their children - 2
Creationism - 4
Creationism materials were causing Dahmer to repent - 3
Repent/Repentance - 6
Homosexual  - 1
Cannibalism - 3
Animal behavior - 4
Death/killing - 4

7:28 - Evolution celebrates death. Creation celebrates life.

Jesus - 5
Paradigm Shift - 3

9:09 - Jeffrey Dahmer decided he wasn't an animal, like he'd been taught by the public school system. Nice dig at public education there, Kevvy.

Finnish shooter - 1
Weeding out the unfit for murder -10
Social Darwinist - 1

10:27 - Stupid weak-minded people reproduce faster than intelligent strong-minded people

10:45 - His killings were just carrying out the lab portion of his biology class

10:50 - Now Bill Jack has a hardon for the Nazis. I can tell Hitler makes these men horny.

Nazi's Superior Race Blathering - 5

11:14 - and moving right along to the shooting near Kevin Swanson's basement, that basement he huddles in and hurtles opinions from, Columbine.

11:34 - Non Christians are not consistent and logical with their worldviews.

11:38 - Only the Christian worldview can stand the weight of reality

12:12 - Richard Dawkins is a blood sucking parasite on the Christian Worldview.

Now Bill Jack is doing dramatically over-pronunciation of words like his pal. Ouch, my ears/brain!

12:50 - Evolution has produced generation after generation of murderers.

They are referencing the Loeb and Leopold trials but cannot remember the names.. LOL If you knew you would be discussing murders based on so-called evolutionary viewpoints why not do enough research to have the materials right at hand and know the names?

Severe murders all connected to evolution teachings - 3

14:12 - Columbine is the most memorable mass murder in this country. I guess he was hiding under a rock in his basement the day 9/11 happened.

14:50 - Eric Harris wore a t-shirt referencing natural selection and evolution the day of the Columbine murders.

Columbine shooters targeted Christians - 2

16:15 - First mention/whoring out of the book "Apostate"!

16:18 - Darwin was clinically insane

16:30 - Sin drives you to the Jeffery Dahmer position, Darwin position, Margaret Sanger position, and, you guessed it, The HITLER position. What is the Hitler Position? Does it involve trying to goosestep while in the missionary position?

Cosmic slime - 4

17:48 - Richard Dawkins would say we were being absurd. (and he'd be right, I think) Dawkin's philosophy not grounded in reality. He wants to blame all the evil connected with evolution on Christians.

18:16 - Now they are complaining about atheists ranting on blogs and blaming religion for the evils of the world. It's the religion of evolution that creates mass murder.

Planned Parenthood murderers - 1

18:32 - Oh dear, here comes the music. I suppose we're in for another commercial for that silly camp of his. Sounds like they are going to be talking about dinosaur bones and the lie that they think carbon dating is.

20:33 - and they're back..

21:55 - Scientist at Northridge in California finds dinosaur horn with soft tissue, writes article claiming there is no way it could be very old and loses job to lack of funding. Of course Swanson and pals see an evil Liberal conspiracy.

22:40 - The students turned the scientist in for teaching creationism in his classroom. Somehow this is him being persecuted as a Christian.

24:45 - This is biological evidence that dinosaurs are not 65 million years old, they are recent. I don't recall ever seeing a T-Rex strolling through the DC area.

26:05 - Evolution gets rid of the need for God and does press releases very well.

One thing I am noticing listening to Kevin Swanson and pals, and it is that nothing is ever discussed in any depth, real knowledge or with definitive proof. Very shallow, as shallow as the royal gene pool. That's not good.

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