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Kevin Swanson
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Thursday August 7th, 2014 - Freedom from Sexual Addiction

Interview with Mike Genung 

There are days when I see the topic for the day at Generations With Vilene..err..Vision and feel like just going off on Swanson. Just like in this wonderful photo from the film "White Chicks" I.. uh.. 'borrowed' from my friend Lisa Kerr's blog. Lisa, you are awesome in the best way possible!

"Hold my poodle, hold my purse, cuz I am about to go off on this fool!"

This is one of those days. This particular basement-produced internet production by a homeschooled guy afraid of the entire world comes with a warning about the material about to be discussed. Ha. No one really should be listening to anything coming out of Swanson's mouth considering he routinely throws around words not usually heard in polite society, like 'bestiality' or 'pedophilia' and 'filth eating'

Whoops! Distracted by my latest quilting catalog. Whoever is holding my poodle and purse needs to hold this catalog or I'm not going to be able to absorb (like a diaper) all the crap spewing from Swanson's mouth today.

Looks like Blazing Grace Ministry's Mike Gunung is going on to promote his book 'The Road to Grace'.  Wonder what the Vegas odds, over or under, are on Kevin Swanson behaving himself well with a stranger or going all out nuts with disgusting vile terms?

Let's see. Clue the music and the speed talking...

This is going to be free-form today with no time stamps. For some reason his website listen function isn't working for me today and my download is showing zero times.

A long list of things that porno supposedly kills, fatherhood, marriages, families, etc, etc, yeah, we get it. Some men cannot control their penises and minds.

Women weaken men sexually -1
Sin of lust -13
Pornography - 12
Demons! - 1
Internet porn - 1
Sexual addictions - 6
Sexually broken (you're kidding me! lol) - 2

Mike sounds like a low-t type of a guy, very effeminate.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition started his porn addiction - 1
Masturbation - 4
Hookers - 3
Adultery -1
STDs -1
Teenage Molestation -1
Drugs - 2
Alcohol - 2
Porn as a coping mechanism - 3
Risking marriage - 4

Well, at least this guy started taking steps and joining support groups to try and stop

Freak - 1
Self-Sex - 2

12 Steps doesn't work as well as JESUS!

God broke him free - 2
TV in the Hotel Rooms makes you think about porn - 2
ALL TV brings porn thoughts - 2
Magazines at the grocery store bring porno thoughts - 1

This is actually kind of boring. Even with descriptions of sin and stories of how he couldn't control himself. Kevin is just saying 'Uh huh' over and over again while Mike is talking about personal relationships with God, peace, love, etc...and that he suddenly believed in God. Thank Gawd someone is holding that quilting catalog away from me. Mind wandering. I would be ignoring this to order more fabric. I really do not need more fabric.

Trainwrecking wives hearts via porn - 3
Wive has to forgive for the marriage to survive - 3
She has to forgive! (bullshit! if I found my husband banging prostitutes it would be a cold day in hell before I'd be likely to forgive and forget.) - 3
Churches should address porn/lust and don't - 11
70% of Christian men struggle with porn! - 1
Parents must teach about lust - 6
Every little boy is a sinner -2
Jeffrey Dahmer - 1 - Kevin does seem to love himself some serial killers now.
What lust skeletons are in the pastors closets - 11

Swanson didn't push his father-son retreat or attempt to tie in his book "Apostate" He was incredibly restrained and respectful. If he stuck to talking of God's grace, forgiveness of sins, love, helping others break bondage without adding in the insulting blaming he usually does I'd have no problem with him or his radio show. But he seems to have very little humility much of the time and is usually busy shouting out prideful statements without any real evidence backing them.

Give me back my poodle, purse and quilting catalog. I need to go clutch my pearls over something else now because it's not going to be this today.

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