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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wednesday July 30, 2014 - Jeffrey Dahmer - Evolutionist, Cannibal or Christian

*Shakes head in chagrin* Almost sorry for K Swizzle that he's scraping the bottom of the theological barrel for material by doing a show on the spirituality of Dahmer. Subjects must be thin on the ground. This book they will be discussing was published way back in 2006.

Interview: The Pastor Who Baptized Jeffrey Dahmer

Oh boy! Cue the music and the speaking like he's on speed Kevin Swanson and his Dahmer-tinged testimony.

Publicans and sinners - 5
Mispronunciations - 9
Blaming theory of evolution for Dahmer's actions - 4
K Swizzle didn't think Dahmer would be in heaven - 1
Tool of Satan - 1
Chasing legions of demons - 2
Evil - 3

Kevin brings in Church of Christ pastor Roy Ratcliff about his book on Dahmer's Christianity "Dark Journey, Deep Grace". This isn't good. It means K Swizzle is going to be sort of respectable for a change. He needs his sycophants to go into Crazytown with shouts of bestiality and filth-eating.

Cannibalism -1
Homosexuality - 1
Blaming parents not going to church for Dahmer's crimes - 2

Kevin picks Ratcliff's brain. It's actually interesting, informative and respectful for once.

Out of mind while committing crime - 1
Blaming it on demons - 2
Alcoholism - 1
Living in deception - 2
Suicide - 2
Mental Illness - 2
Backslid Parents  - 3
Evolutionists view people as animals - 3
Atheist - 1
Materialists - 2
The world basks in the evil of Dahmer's life - 1

Wow, no dumb commercials, pee breaks or begging for money. Who kidnapped the real Kevin Swanson and replaced him with this guy?

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