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Kevin Swanson
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday July 17 - Millennials and President Obama

Narcissism is the Zeitgeist! or so saith Kevin

Look who's calling other folks a narcissist! Buhahahha! Thanks for the huge laugh~ Here comes the cheesy music!

Narcissist/Narcissism - 8
Mispronouncing them big words - 25 ('May- jurs' instead of 'measures')
"I am a God" - 5

His ass-kissing side kick tells the same stupid story he told a few weeks ago to illustrate people worshiping different Gods.

You cannot be a narcissist if you are a Christian - 1
Obama uses first person singular - 10
Demagoguery - 2
"Neener-Neener-Neener" - 2
King Obama - 1
Destruction of English language by Obama - 5
"Me Just Vote" - 11
Evil Humanism - 3
Ayn Randianists (he also mispronounced her name!)- 1
Blame Obama for people not paying their mortgages and bills - 1
The end of real relationships and marriage - 2
Divorce - 1
Mispronouncing Jean Paul Sartre! -1
Criticizing Christian Music - 12
Hymns aren't narcissist - 5
Selfish love - 1
Lazy young folks - 2
Tell young folks to "GO DIE" - 6

Oh no! The music. Here comes a commercial for his father son camping thing

Matt Walsh accused Obama of anti black racism - 5
Nebraska parade float making fun of Obama - 5 (Kevin is okay with that type of racism apparently)
Obama's white side is racist against his black side - 1
Obama lies like he breathes and stokes race riots - 2
Obama is a race baiter - 2
Obama letting everyone cross the border so they can vote for him - 5
Obama is an elitist - 1
They don't hate Obama for being black - 6
No such thing as race - 7
Obama is encouraging hatred - 2
Claiming that USA pulling all the druggies out of Mexico and creating problems in Mexico - 3
Defunding public schools -1
Defunding welfare - 1
The country can only be fixed by Christ's salvation - 4
The laws of God are not correctly preached -2

Thanks for the guffaws, Swanson. The last time I saw that much twisting and turn was at a Twister party.  Shine on you crazy lump of coal..

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