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Kevin Swanson
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday July 14th - When a Family Vision Goes International

I suspect today's Generations With Vision is going to be boring, suck harder than a roomful of Hoovers. It's a straight up subject and likely a more mainstream evangelical flogging their book. When that happens Kevin behaves much better. But it's a lot less pleasant to listen to, it's boring....

Perhaps I am wrong as this quote from his site about today's program is pretty out there - "The Kingdom is far less WASPY than it used to be"

Are you kidding me? The Evangelical world is almost entirely white and Waspy with a few tokens thrown in just so they can claim not to be racially bigoted. Explains how Voddie Baucham ended up in their lily-white enclave. 

Cue the poorly done synth music it's time for Kevin! I'm stoked.

His daughter Emily is in the studio. Suspect no mentions of Gay Whoppers, bestiality or fornication

Mispronunciations  - 6
Family Vision - 3
Kid don't listen to the way your dad mangles words!
WASPS are Apostates - 1
Whoring book "Apostates - 1

Run, Emily, Run!!!!!

Playing the race card about missions trips - 1
Emily uses a made up word "Ginormous". Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Swanson behaving with incredible restraint. Kid sounds like a normal teen. 
Emily is talking about her missionary three months trip to Uganda. 

..and we're going into break with the theme music that makes me want to poke my eardrums out with a rusty knife...and onto the commercial for his father son crap. Signups must be going poorly because he's reduced the price.

After the break he brings on a pastor from Michigan in that helped establish the first dairy in Nigeria.

Kevin is marveling over how the 'White Guys' aren't running the dairy, that it's all local black Africans. His exposure of his own unconscious racism is the only thing worth listening to on this show.

Mind wandering because it's just dullsville compared to his usual shouts of "Hitler" "Adultery" "Filth-Eaters"

No one offered Swanson goats for his daughter, LOL.. the last African missions trip I went on one of the locals offered my pastor a huge pile of goats for me because I had 'magic hair' - Straight, down to my ass and colorfully streaked red.

PS The hubby and I had to have Whoppers last night after hearing Swanson ranting over and over about Gay Whoppers. Sadly, they'd stopped selling the Gay Whopper so we had to settle for Non-Gay Whoppers.

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