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Kevin Swanson
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Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th - Facebook Seductive Selfies

When Christian Girls Seduce the Boys

What's K Swizzle up to today? I haven't visited him in a while as I'm getting where I can only take him in very small doses. Sometimes it seems like he has some sort of diagnosed mental disorder and it becomes too much like tossing rocks at the little 'not quite right' boy down the street. You know, that kid that drools, wets his pants and who cannot help it. You want to laugh and point, but you know it would be too cruel.

And the music starts....

..Kevin is speed talking and introducing his brown nosing pal Steve..

Rabidly anti-Christian culture - 4
Sin - 6

Ha! Grumpy vacation for the Swansons and they ended up on their knees praying the grumpy sin away...

Good Christian girls aping the world - 3
Models posting sexualized - 2
Proverbs 7 Woman - 9
Seductiveness - 12
Women today are Proverbs 7 -2
Seductive Selfies - 6
Getting guys to pay attention - 5
Pride/Bragging - 10
Facebook is Human Pride - 8
No Facebook for Christians - 6
Selfie Girls have no Godly affirmations - 2
Good Christian women should not be concerned with clothing - 5
Cow Tag Thing - 1
Ostentatious - 2

Bragging about 'cool' in high school with cars.

Music and commercial for that father son retreat and anti-homosexual sounding ultra masculine things like blood tracking and high ropes course. Bargain basement price. Sales of tickets must not be going well. Well, assclown Scott Brown is the featured speaker....

CBS aired Kristeen Young "Pearl of a Girl' - 3
Apostate/Apostasy - 14
Whoring the book "Apostate" - 5
Facebook causes Apostates - 2
Evil evil feminist -8
Kill the Christians!!! - 2
Muslims are more oppressive - 1
Equality making Kevin lose his shit - 5
Competition makes women manly - 1
Destroying the family - 4

The average American family is the woman running everything with the husband in the basement with the porn? Substitute "Internet Radio Show" for "Porn" and it sounds like Kevin Swanson.

Lust - 5
Gays - 1

Oh dear Gawd! The music is starting for a SECOND Break. Does he have to push something else or is this a pee break or something...and then it comes right back up again. Did Kevin lean against the wrong button working his computer?

Spiritual but not religious is growing - 6

Kevin is clearly confusing the meaning of the word 'religion' and doesn't seem to understand that you can be close to the Lord without going to a corrosive church.

Silly mentions of Jack Bauer  - 4
Judging the relationships of others with the divine - 2
Non Christians all jellus of what K Swizzle and sidekick have according to them - 3

Claiming you cannot have fruits of the spirit without being in a church surrounded by others. Silly silly considering even Jesus retreated from others to pray many times.

Church hopping - 3
If you aren't going to church you aren't saved - 2
Post-Moderns only wants to worship themselves - 3

He's flacking his dreadful and inaccurate book "Apostate" rather hard. It's half price now. I suppose he's about to be stuck with a huge pile of them. Hey Kevin, here's an idea. Burn the extra copies this winter in your woodstove. At least by keeping your family warm they would be serving some function.

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