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Kevin Swanson
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Friday July 11 - The Gay, Proud Whopper

Sorry I've not updated but one can only take the cheesy theme music, word mispronunciations, commercials, shameless self promotion, ugly hateful non-Christian ideas and off putting voice of one Kevin Swanson. Like Limburger cheese, Guatemalan insanity pepper and Durian fruit Kevin is best taken in very small doses very very infrequently. However once I say his subject on Friday I had to listen to this stinking hot mess!

Gonna have to try the Gay Whopper just for fun. Suspect I'll be giggling over how many times the words "Gay Whopper" come out of  Kevin "Kip Dynamite" Swanson

Listen to it yourself if you dare at Generations With Vilenesss... err 'Vision"

Start that cheesy bad canned music....

Claiming Gay wasn't a thing back in the 1950s and before. Oh really? Just finished reading 'Royal Panopoly' by Carolly Erickson and there were TONS of gay British monarchs going back to the year 1100 AD well before the 1950s.

  • Gay- 11
  • Gay Pride - 14
  • Gay Agenda - 4
  • Gay Whopper - 30
  • Homosexual Rainbow stolen from Bible - 5
  • Homosexual Rainbow - 3
  • I Love My Two Moms - 3
  • Lost Appetite For Whopper Now - 2
  • We Are All The Same On The Inside - 10
  • The Heart Is Wicked Above All Things - 3
  • Mispronouncing words - 19 (sounds like a spitting goat with a hard "Th" sound)
  • Palagient (sic) - 2
  • Hitler - 1
  • Jeffrey Dahmer -5
  • Incest - 3
  • Pedophilia - 4
  • Bestiality -  3
  • Cannibalism - 4
  • Korean Cook Book With Dog Recipes - 1

The wrapper is making Kevin and pals lose their minds

Commercial for his stupid father son conference with all the anti-homosexual ultra masculine doings..

Don't be caught eating your Proud Whopper on Judgement Day

  • Eat at ChikFilA instead - 8
  • Boycott Burger King - 3
  • ChikFilA Being Discriminated Against For Being Christians - 4
  • ChikFilA Not Homophobic - 3
  • Canadians Fleeing To America - 1
  • Canada Arrests Righteous People - 2
  • Serial Killers - 6
  • Elton John King of the Homos - 9
  • Whoring Out "Apostate" - 5
  • The Sin of Being a Christian - 4
  • Jesus is about judgement -4
  • Pray that Elton John finds "THE RIGHT CHRIST!" - 2
  • Book of Revelation - 1
  • Anti Nominism - 6
  • Adultery - 2
  • Pornography - 1

Rolling my eyes here..... lots of theological twister going on.

Quote of the day "Jesus came for the whole enchilada"

The word above I have spelled out as "Palagient"? Both my husband and I, both of us with advanced degrees from real universities, could not figure out nor find in the online dictionary any word close to it. Swanson pronounced it as "Pa- Lay- Gent" Is this a new evangelical fundy theology word he's bandying about? Please let me know if you know what it is.

Now I want a damn Whopper for dinner. Thanks, Kevin, as I need a zillion calorie Whopper like he needs a tongue piercing that would give him even more trouble pronouncing words.


  1. "Palagient": Swanson seems to have butchered the word "Pelagian." Pelagius was a 5th century theologian who believed in free will, and didn't believe in original sin. Augustine was his main nemesis. Swanson seems to think the Proud Whopper is on the wrong side of an ancient Byzantine theological debate. What whack job. This is the first time I've listened to him since about a year ago when he said God was burning down Colorado because some gays lived there. Once a year or less is all I can take of this mania.

  2. Thanks for letting us know what it was. We ran that bit back over and over again and kept trying various spellings based on how Kevin said it and came up with nada!

    1. No worries. BTW, I haven't seen that word (or variants thereof) since perusing a book in my college library in 1983. It was Augustine's "Anti Pelagian Writings." Swanson, et. al. are trying to interpret the 21st-century world through the lens of ancient philosophies/theologies. But what the poor bloke doesn't understand is, both the 'official' Apostolic & Church Fathers, AND their theological enemies, were followers of Platonism, neo-Platonism, Stoicism, etc. They built their Christian doctrines (Hypostatic Union, etc.) on Greek philosophy; They even said that Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, etc. were "Christians before Christ." Ok. But those ancient Greek philosophers practiced pederasty. They believed that only same-sex love was free from the baser, primal instincts. They erected complex philosophical structures to defend/promote homoerotic love. "Christians before Christ." The entire structure of orthodoxy collapses here, in my opinion. In Swanson's case, he wants to have his Whopper and eat it too.

    2. It's so hard to tell with him because he mispronounces words left and right, or puts the wrong emphasis on certain syllables.

      Yeah, we went out for Whoppers last night after hearing Swanson fixating on Gay Proud Whoppers... mmmmm, Gay Whoppers. We never eat there either.

  3. New picket sign: "GOD HATES BURGER KING!"