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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 11: Family Bands and the Music Revolution

Revolution in Family and Church

Sweet suffering succotash, is it me or are his subjects getting more boring now that he's the 'kinder, gentler' Kevin Swanson. Almost missing his ranting about incest and bestiality.

Cue canned music and Kevin's racing babble.

Apostasy - 1
Fear Tactics - 5
Over pronunciation mispronunciation - 10
"Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns"- 1
Throwing music out of church - 2
The Tattoo Jesus: Kevin Swanson's new book - 3
Parents should control all music kids listen to - 2
Family should listen together - 6
Family bands - 22
Family economies - 3
Developing family culture - 5
Whining about contemporary Christian music - 4
Mentioning the ministry magazine to sell it - 9

Apparently Kevin doesn't understand that the music in church is WORSHIP music meant to GLORIFY God and worship Him. Not to entertain anyone. He misses the point altogether.

Another ad with bad mountain music in the background flacking tickets for the Father Son Retreat.
Blood tracking is one of the seminars. Rolling eyes here.

Kevin keeps flogging his new book The Tattoo Jesus. Didn't Apostate just come out? What is he doing? Living in his basement twenty four seven pounding on the keyboard like a chimpanzee on crack writing a manifesto.

Not one mention of the fact that music is to glorify God. It's all about the family band as a ministry to 'save' people, not a thing to do with the Lord. Self-glorification only. Lots and lots of self-aggrandizement.

Dr. Gordon comes on to push his new book "Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns". Another huge commercial. Ugh!

History of music on radio or phonograph, le sigh.

Claiming that there was very little classical music on the radio so the unlearned masses turn to pop music. This is total bullshit, here in the DC area we have not only one classical music radio state but several! It's not a dead music style in radio. And no, you don't have to have a PHD in history or classical music to enjoy it.

Contemporary music is passive, even church contemporary - 2
Seems to think that personal preference in music styles for worship music is wrong.  - 1
Contemporary christian music is 'unwise' - 2
Only traditional music matures the christian culture - 3
The Bible says you should leave childhood behind as soon as possible and become mature  -1
Modern worship is weaken and impoverished - 1
Modern worship is 'vapid and banal' - 1
Complaining about kids not growing out of popular style music - 1
Youth live in an adolescent ghetto - 3

Yeah yeah, kiss Dr. Gordon's ass, Kevin, hope it was nice and tasty.

Out comes the soapbox and a short rant about how all ages should be worshiping in the old style with hymns.

This radio show was nearly an hour. I was ready to put a voodoo curse on Swanson a mere ten minutes in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~

And here is where I would insert a puking smiley-face if this was a message board. Worship and contemporary worship is a subject very close to my heart. I've lead worship, I've been a worship team member all the way back when Kevin Swanson was still soiling his diapers, well maybe not that long. But I have to say that Kevin et al are missing the boat.

If you want to reach people in the culture you have to engage in a way they can connect with. If it's a church with hip hop worship then what's the harm in that? The church I'm involved with worship team now is a contemporary service and we get all sorts of people would have never stepped foot in church before so we make a huge effort to be casual. Worship team wears jeans, flip flops, whatever and we do contemporary songs. Because we love this style? Because flip flops rule? Nope, because it makes those that would never go to traditional church where they fear judgment over stupid things like clothes and hymns and that fear keeps them from worshiping God.

The one thing that all of Kevin's guests and Kevin himself have missed is that it's not about them, their preferences, their agendas, it's all about God. Bringing worship to God. Not anyone human. They always get so knotted up over hair splitting that they miss the entire purpose of music in the church. To glorify God.

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