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Kevin Swanson
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10: Running a Planned Parenthood Sting

Homeschooled Girl vs. Major Abortion Provider

Cue cheesy computer generated music and Kevin at super speed speaking as if he just hoovered up a fat sack of cocaine.

Infanticide - 3
Bashing of government - 16
Planned Parenthood - 25
Abortion -31
Wimpy Christians abort - 6
Christians do not kill babies - 4
"Tiller The Killer" - 3
Ethics have abandoned Biblical law - 6
Tax monies murder babies - 7
Warfare against baby killers - 7

Commercial pitching the Father Son retreat led by Kevin Swanson. The activities all sound too masculine for someone like Swanson to actually participate in.

Lila Rose interview. On show to push her protest this weekend.  Typical Christian Evangelical Fundamentalist pro life babbling complete with false statistics and her Planned Parenthood sting. Training others to go 'undercover' in Planned Parenthood clinics to expose them.

I don't know what she's drinking but give me a cup so I can live in la-la land and deny reality.

Sexual abuse of patients at Planned Parenthood clinics - 1
Covering up crime at Planned Parenthood clinics - 1
Planned Parenthood loves death and wants to see babies die - 2
Planned Parenthood is a government eugenics program to kill off minorities - 3
Neeegroes - 3
Slavery was a 'problem' but Abortion is a word problem - 1

Does Lila Rose and Kevin realize that our president, our Commander in Chief is (to use their word) a Neeegro?

Aww, she's so idealistic it's almost cute! Her 'stings' sound as if it's useless, everyone already knows that Planned Parenthood does abortions. Something have to be secret before you expose it.

The cheesy music comes up again. He begs for money for 90 seconds. Yawn...

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