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Kevin Swanson
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Christian Clubs Kicked Off Campus

Virginia, A Political Rout

As a resident of Virginia's 7th district and someone that voted against Eric Cantor on Tuesday I have to admit I'm very curious as to how Swanson is going to spin this. The regular news media is dismissive of the fact that the Democratic party sent out emails begging their members to turn out in force and vote Cantor out. Which they did. Perhaps not the only reason he lost but definitely a factor. Not people turning all Godly or something which I am sure Swanson will claim.

Big sigh, getting ready to suffer through his crappy intro music for Generations With Vision.

Begging for people to come to the Family Super Conference. I wish I lived closer because I'd show up just to laugh and point at Kevin Swanson

Persecution for college Christian students - 6
College is too secular - 5
Whoring book 'Apostate' -3
Crazy Pronunciation - 12
Blaming Muslims - 3
Klu Klux Klan -2
Nazis - 1
Polytheists - 4
College is a false religion - 1

Some guy named Steve telling silly story about asking patients with different Gods if their Gods knew each other. Not sure what the whole point of the story is.

Ranting about the evil of Nathaniel Hawthorne and other American writers in creating Godless colleges.

11:45 in that same damn commercial for the Father Son Retreat. I just cannot see not so masculine Swanson doing any of the activities listed for the retreat, perhaps hiking or first aid only..

He thinks that Dave Brat's election over Eric Cantor is a HUGE christian victory! HAHAHA!! Everyone is just sick to death of arrogant Eric Cantor. Even liberals voted against Cantor. Satan himself could have run and won.

Thinks Tea Party is coming back - 2
Conservatives on the rise - 2
Reversing Common Core - 10
Bill Gates Bought Education Via Common Core - 1
Taking the SAT/ACT as a homeschooler disenfranchises the child - 4
Homeschooling is superior because of School Shootings - 5

Refers to the school shootings since Dec 2012 and oddly skips the name of that shooting - Newtown school shooting. Way to disrespect all those dead kindergardeners.

Bashing and mispronouncing - 'psychotropic drugs' It's not 'Tropic' like the Bahamas! 8

From Mirriam-Webster dictionary (and you can listen to correct pronunciation at the site) -  psy·cho·tro·pic correct pronunciation - \ˌsī-kə-ˈtrō-pik\ 

Single family homes-1
Bastards born out of wedlock - 1
Making fun of bullying and schooling - 4

27:12 Whoring out the conference again~

Upset that fear of God is not the primary thing taught in public school


  1. Well of course the different gods know each other. I'm sure they hang out in bars, drink together and go out in the jet to save people, just like in South Park's "Super Best Friends."

    1. Know them, as in are friends... Or Know them, in the bibical sense?