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Kevin Swanson
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

No Generations With Vision Tonight

Kevin is talking politics and about Hillary Clinton. While I'm not wild about Hills (I live near DC and get a bellyful of politics from friends and family and the rumor mill) Plus, I can just imagine the crap spewing from his mouth today.

I leave you with this, a photo from a Nigerian scam buster website - (be sure to read "The Road to Chad/Darfur" and my personal favorite "Busted")  that is likely what Swanson thinks the average Atheist is like.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18 - Dispatches From The Front

Gospel Advance in the World's Difficult Places

Hmm, that looks very wrong to me, like it should read something like "The Advance of the Gospel in the World's Most Difficult Places" or "The Gospels Advance into the World's Most Difficult Places" However I am obviously no grammar expert. It just looks.. awkward.. much like Mr. Kevin "Psycho-Tropic" Swanson himself. Just like him it doesn't make much sense either. So much for the wonder of his homeschool education.

The guest is Tim Kessee, which means there will be no talk of 'feces eater' or 'bestiality'. Oh gosh darn! I need some pay off for listening to that music again.

He's clearly back in his basement again with a bad phone connection with today's guest. Wonder where his sidekick Bill Jack is?

Mispronunciation - 7
US Government doesn't protect Christians - 1

9:23 - So boring! At least compared to his usual rant-fest. Tim, run far, far away from Swanson. You're too nice to be flacking your newest book on his show.

Evil Muslims - 1
Sharia law - 1

16:27 - Tim is breaking my heart with his stories. I never thought the day would come when there would be something worth listening to on this awful show.

18:26 - Swanson really thinks that AMERICANS - CHRISTIAN AMERICANS should be imported to teach those African believers. Tim points out how that is actually counter-productive in many ways.

20:50 - Please Jesus! Make the awful music stop. Bet there's an ad for the Father Son Retreat coming up.

21:46 - Yep and it's featuring Scott Brown, the guy rushing to fill the Patriarchal void caused by Doug Phillips trying to diddle his nanny. Scott Brown wants that crown! He wants to be Uber-Patriarch!

23:13 - Wyatt George comes on to talk about the indigenous people of Africa. Googling him is bringing up nothing, too many dudes with this name. Sounds older than dirt. Must be an older pastor/leader.

25:51 - Ah, he's with the Tentmaker Project - micro loans, feeding the poor, providing educational needs and teaching financial stewardship. Another good ministry it looks like. What's he doing on this show? Turns out he is a retired Presbyterian minister.

35:09 - Swanson is yammering on about "Family Economies" again. Ugh.

38:31 - Swanson bragging that he models Christian discipleship with the young men in his basement.

*shakes head* Wyatt George, what a sweet, nice guy.

40:23 - Kevin whores out another product - "Kickstart". Yeah, I'd like to start kicking him. Too bad Kevin isn't as restrained and sort of nice as he was on today's show, because there would be no need to monitor the disgusting things that come out of his mouth. I'm always amazed at how chameleon-like Swanson is on his program, playing nice with the mainstream Christians and getting nasty and paranoid with the Patriarchy bunch.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Theistic Evolution on the Decline

Compromise on Creation Doesn't Pay

One thing I'm learning listening to the proud pontifications of Kevin Swanson is that he actually believes he is an intellectual, that he's educated and learned. I can hear him mentally masturbating over every syllable dripped from his lips in a mental orgy of egoism. It always makes me want to wipe down the computer when I'm done, like he's sullied it with his speech.

Bring on the damn theme song.

:35 Whoring out the Super Conference and Duggar family. They are in negotiations to have the Duggars appear at this family conference next year. Swanson is mispronouncing all over the place and choking on his own hero-worship drool as he announces it, sure signs of his excitement. Wonder if that's what he does in the bedroom?

Mispronouncing words to make a point - 16

:41 Jim Bob told Swanson that they are getting a raise for next season's '19 Kids and Counting' from 1.2 million per episode to a 2.4 million payday. Imagine, getting paid because you reproduce at rates that qualify you for the hit list of the Population Control people. No wonder Michelle visited a fertility doctor because that is a lot of lettuce just for being fertile, freakish and on the television.

The Duggar Family-6

1:26 Hinting that the Duggar family is going to be even larger a year from now, hinting at Michelle possibly being pregnant again.

Washington Propaganda pushing evolution - 9
Media pushing evolution - 9
Pat Robertson called them a 'bunch of idiots' - 1
Unrelenting attack on Christianity - 2
Earth only ten thousand years old - 8
Apostates, apostasy - 1
Atheist view of evolution -6
If you abandon creationism then you abandon faith-1

11:12 Creamed crap on a cracker he's dull today, yammering on and on about creationism and atheists with the piles of dramatic over the top mispronunciations and circular arguments

13:55 The same ad for the Father Son Retreat... blah blah blah

15:38 More crap about the conference. Yawn, I'm going to go to the bathroom and get some fresh cherries.

Making fun of educated people - 2 Jealous much?
Charles Darwin - 1

There's a family named "Nutting" that teaches Young Earth Creationism? Laughing here.

Militant homosexuality - 3
Hallmark has Gay Father's Day cards - 8
Homosexuality is all about destruction - 2
Greek 'love' - 1
How to Train Your Dragon 2 - 1
Gay Nazis blackmailing people - 1

Wait, so I'm starting to think that Kevin Swanson is working the "Chicken Little" angle in Christianity. He's always screaming that the sky is falling because of evil homosexuals.

Whore Apostate book -4
Begging for money - 3

Glad I am on copious drugs for my cold because this makes me want to poke out my ear drums. Ugh.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Are Homosexuality and Evolution Watershed Issues?

Methodists and Baptists to Split?

Oh boy, I really dread listening to today's verbal vomit as I am a Methodist and my great grandfather was a Methodist circuit rider in the Louisiana Bayous back around the turn of the century. I haven't listened to word one of today yet but I'm betting Swanson says at least a dozen lies about the United Methodist Church and their position on homosexuality.

When I left my old church and went to the local UMC the people at my old church said I was going to go to hell for going off with those 'homosexual abortionists' at the Methodist church. The Methodist church isn't pro-abortion or a rainbow flag waving gay disco either. The official position towards everyone is 'Open hearts, open minds' I like going somewhere everyone is accepted.

I see from the extra long length of today's program I see Kevin babbled on an extra 9 minutes. Oh joy.

I have my Dramamine and iced ginger ale so here goes nothing. Let the cheezy muzak and ridiculous posturing begin!

:30 More whoring out of the Colorado Family Super Conference. Wonder what his cut of the tickets is?

"Family Rights" -3
Homosexual Lobby or Agenda -10
Harry Potty -1
Dumbledore -1
How to Train Your Dragon Part 2 - 6
There were no predators in childhood in the olden days re: twenty years ago - 6
Media and Educators want to corrupt the world - 2
Eisenhower limited rights of homosexuals - 2
Homosexual Domination of the culture - 7
Bakers/Florists/photographers persecution by homosexuals - 3
Neronic - 5
Persecution of Christians - 11

9:30 The same idiotic ad for the Father Son Retreat teaching those masculine subjects of blood tracking and swimming.

11.01 Please get better music Kevin. Surely you've begged enough money to pay for better music.

Closing bakery instead of making cakes for homosexual weddings - 3
''Believes that homosexual opponents will be sent to the 'Gulag- 2
Fornication -1
Drunkenness -1
Shacking up - 2
Molesting children - 2
Christians are 'peace makers' -1
Peace is a heathen idol -1
Witnessing to heathens is not disturbing the peace even if the people are annoyed with you - 3

19:45 Finally gets around to discussing the title subject

Homosexuality and religion waffling - 2
Episcopalians opened the door for homos in the church - 1
United Methodists (gasp!) lets women preach in evil compromise that led to homosexuality in the church -6
Aberrant sexuality bothers Jesus big time because he established sexuality and marriage - 1
"Modern" Jesus accepts axe murderers and rapists but the real Jesus would call them to repentance - 2
Methodist churches and Southern Baptists are accepting those evil homosexuals - 5
Methodist do not preach the gospel or save people often - 1
Acceptance of homosexuals is a lack of faith - 1
Lusting after women - 3
Churches forget 'sin is sin' 1
Lil' bastards Illegitimate birth -1
Divorce -1
Jimmy Carter bashing -1
Southern Baptist isn't a 'real' denomination - 3

Would Jesus bake a wedding cake for homosexual weddings?

37:24 - Whoring out his book Apostate again - 2

Shaking my head here and wondering how this guy sleeps at night with all the judgmental ranting he does.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Christian Clubs Kicked Off Campus

Virginia, A Political Rout

As a resident of Virginia's 7th district and someone that voted against Eric Cantor on Tuesday I have to admit I'm very curious as to how Swanson is going to spin this. The regular news media is dismissive of the fact that the Democratic party sent out emails begging their members to turn out in force and vote Cantor out. Which they did. Perhaps not the only reason he lost but definitely a factor. Not people turning all Godly or something which I am sure Swanson will claim.

Big sigh, getting ready to suffer through his crappy intro music for Generations With Vision.

Begging for people to come to the Family Super Conference. I wish I lived closer because I'd show up just to laugh and point at Kevin Swanson

Persecution for college Christian students - 6
College is too secular - 5
Whoring book 'Apostate' -3
Crazy Pronunciation - 12
Blaming Muslims - 3
Klu Klux Klan -2
Nazis - 1
Polytheists - 4
College is a false religion - 1

Some guy named Steve telling silly story about asking patients with different Gods if their Gods knew each other. Not sure what the whole point of the story is.

Ranting about the evil of Nathaniel Hawthorne and other American writers in creating Godless colleges.

11:45 in that same damn commercial for the Father Son Retreat. I just cannot see not so masculine Swanson doing any of the activities listed for the retreat, perhaps hiking or first aid only..

He thinks that Dave Brat's election over Eric Cantor is a HUGE christian victory! HAHAHA!! Everyone is just sick to death of arrogant Eric Cantor. Even liberals voted against Cantor. Satan himself could have run and won.

Thinks Tea Party is coming back - 2
Conservatives on the rise - 2
Reversing Common Core - 10
Bill Gates Bought Education Via Common Core - 1
Taking the SAT/ACT as a homeschooler disenfranchises the child - 4
Homeschooling is superior because of School Shootings - 5

Refers to the school shootings since Dec 2012 and oddly skips the name of that shooting - Newtown school shooting. Way to disrespect all those dead kindergardeners.

Bashing and mispronouncing - 'psychotropic drugs' It's not 'Tropic' like the Bahamas! 8

From Mirriam-Webster dictionary (and you can listen to correct pronunciation at the site) -  psy·cho·tro·pic correct pronunciation - \ˌsī-kə-ˈtrō-pik\ 

Single family homes-1
Bastards born out of wedlock - 1
Making fun of bullying and schooling - 4

27:12 Whoring out the conference again~

Upset that fear of God is not the primary thing taught in public school

Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 12 - Introducing Children to Dragons and Sodomy

Homosexual Mentorship

Time to listen to another edition of Generations With Vicious.. er.. Vision. Clue the music that sounds like it belongs in an infomercial for some really useless product.

Looks like Kevin is going to be beating up on the one eyed rodeo clown of his version of homosexuality. He starts out bragging that he's the father of a six pack in a pathetic attempt to seem hetero.

Still shilling his conference on the family. Geoff Botkin will be teaching on Friday night about how perverted movies are.

Kevin is in very rare super nasty form today. I suspect because he is not broadcasting from his basement but from the SUPER CONFERENCE he keeps trying to get people to sign up for. Sort of like that pre-teen kid down the street trying to convince the others he's cool by popping wheelies on his bike. He made me laugh more tonight than any stand up comedian every could. Sick and twisted hentai! He is in rare form~

When he talks like this I get visions of him hiding a vibrating butt plug and Astroglide in his closet behind his used Bibles.

Greek 'Anal' Culture -10
Sodomy -1
Homosexual Agenda and lifestyle - 15
Pederasts -6
Dramatic Mispronunciations - 18
Movies Poisoning Childrens Minds - 9
"How To Train Your Dragon" -27
"Frozen is about Bestiality" - 1
Bestiality - 1
Gay Character in kids movie - 9
Gay marriage - 1
Dumbledore - 3
Harry Potter -5
Pedophilia - 2
Homosexuality Porn gets nice homeschooled boys hooked on gayness - 1
Corruption of boys and girls - 19
Writer, director and actor all gay! - 1
Roman Catholic Church has pederasts and perverts - 2
Public Schools will be involved in 'Greek' perversions - 1
Hollywood is perverted and corrupted - 6

Seventeen minutes in: Time to push more fear factor commercials to get people to outlay the dough for the father son conference and learn how to survival in the mountains. Deliverance-style music in the background.

More pushing of the current conference and more babbling about perversions and Hollywood.

Lady Gaga -1
Paganism -4
Cannibalism - 5
Vampire -1
Tattoos and loincloths are evil paganism - 4
Straight marriages are presented as evil -2
Dragons are demonic -13
Witchcraft - 6
Polytheism - 4

Finally the cheesy music starts again and its over! THANK YOU JESUS!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 11: Family Bands and the Music Revolution

Revolution in Family and Church

Sweet suffering succotash, is it me or are his subjects getting more boring now that he's the 'kinder, gentler' Kevin Swanson. Almost missing his ranting about incest and bestiality.

Cue canned music and Kevin's racing babble.

Apostasy - 1
Fear Tactics - 5
Over pronunciation mispronunciation - 10
"Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns"- 1
Throwing music out of church - 2
The Tattoo Jesus: Kevin Swanson's new book - 3
Parents should control all music kids listen to - 2
Family should listen together - 6
Family bands - 22
Family economies - 3
Developing family culture - 5
Whining about contemporary Christian music - 4
Mentioning the ministry magazine to sell it - 9

Apparently Kevin doesn't understand that the music in church is WORSHIP music meant to GLORIFY God and worship Him. Not to entertain anyone. He misses the point altogether.

Another ad with bad mountain music in the background flacking tickets for the Father Son Retreat.
Blood tracking is one of the seminars. Rolling eyes here.

Kevin keeps flogging his new book The Tattoo Jesus. Didn't Apostate just come out? What is he doing? Living in his basement twenty four seven pounding on the keyboard like a chimpanzee on crack writing a manifesto.

Not one mention of the fact that music is to glorify God. It's all about the family band as a ministry to 'save' people, not a thing to do with the Lord. Self-glorification only. Lots and lots of self-aggrandizement.

Dr. Gordon comes on to push his new book "Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns". Another huge commercial. Ugh!

History of music on radio or phonograph, le sigh.

Claiming that there was very little classical music on the radio so the unlearned masses turn to pop music. This is total bullshit, here in the DC area we have not only one classical music radio state but several! It's not a dead music style in radio. And no, you don't have to have a PHD in history or classical music to enjoy it.

Contemporary music is passive, even church contemporary - 2
Seems to think that personal preference in music styles for worship music is wrong.  - 1
Contemporary christian music is 'unwise' - 2
Only traditional music matures the christian culture - 3
The Bible says you should leave childhood behind as soon as possible and become mature  -1
Modern worship is weaken and impoverished - 1
Modern worship is 'vapid and banal' - 1
Complaining about kids not growing out of popular style music - 1
Youth live in an adolescent ghetto - 3

Yeah yeah, kiss Dr. Gordon's ass, Kevin, hope it was nice and tasty.

Out comes the soapbox and a short rant about how all ages should be worshiping in the old style with hymns.

This radio show was nearly an hour. I was ready to put a voodoo curse on Swanson a mere ten minutes in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~

And here is where I would insert a puking smiley-face if this was a message board. Worship and contemporary worship is a subject very close to my heart. I've lead worship, I've been a worship team member all the way back when Kevin Swanson was still soiling his diapers, well maybe not that long. But I have to say that Kevin et al are missing the boat.

If you want to reach people in the culture you have to engage in a way they can connect with. If it's a church with hip hop worship then what's the harm in that? The church I'm involved with worship team now is a contemporary service and we get all sorts of people would have never stepped foot in church before so we make a huge effort to be casual. Worship team wears jeans, flip flops, whatever and we do contemporary songs. Because we love this style? Because flip flops rule? Nope, because it makes those that would never go to traditional church where they fear judgment over stupid things like clothes and hymns and that fear keeps them from worshiping God.

The one thing that all of Kevin's guests and Kevin himself have missed is that it's not about them, their preferences, their agendas, it's all about God. Bringing worship to God. Not anyone human. They always get so knotted up over hair splitting that they miss the entire purpose of music in the church. To glorify God.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10: Running a Planned Parenthood Sting

Homeschooled Girl vs. Major Abortion Provider

Cue cheesy computer generated music and Kevin at super speed speaking as if he just hoovered up a fat sack of cocaine.

Infanticide - 3
Bashing of government - 16
Planned Parenthood - 25
Abortion -31
Wimpy Christians abort - 6
Christians do not kill babies - 4
"Tiller The Killer" - 3
Ethics have abandoned Biblical law - 6
Tax monies murder babies - 7
Warfare against baby killers - 7

Commercial pitching the Father Son retreat led by Kevin Swanson. The activities all sound too masculine for someone like Swanson to actually participate in.

Lila Rose interview. On show to push her protest this weekend.  Typical Christian Evangelical Fundamentalist pro life babbling complete with false statistics and her Planned Parenthood sting. Training others to go 'undercover' in Planned Parenthood clinics to expose them.

I don't know what she's drinking but give me a cup so I can live in la-la land and deny reality.

Sexual abuse of patients at Planned Parenthood clinics - 1
Covering up crime at Planned Parenthood clinics - 1
Planned Parenthood loves death and wants to see babies die - 2
Planned Parenthood is a government eugenics program to kill off minorities - 3
Neeegroes - 3
Slavery was a 'problem' but Abortion is a word problem - 1

Does Lila Rose and Kevin realize that our president, our Commander in Chief is (to use their word) a Neeegro?

Aww, she's so idealistic it's almost cute! Her 'stings' sound as if it's useless, everyone already knows that Planned Parenthood does abortions. Something have to be secret before you expose it.

The cheesy music comes up again. He begs for money for 90 seconds. Yawn...

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9 - Unemployment at Record Levels For Youth

Setting up an economy for failure

First my apologies: I'm coming off a drug I've been on for seven years for an 'off market' use and having the hardest time with side effects. Having flu like symptoms.  Had I attempted to listen to Kevin's voice much last week I would have hurled worst that I already am. Plus the times I did tune in it seemed that the 'kinder, nicer, more-tenderhearted' Kevin was appearing and he's a pretty boring guy, even with odd ideas.

But he's making my blood pressure rise today with his ridiculous uneducated ideas.

Steve is his sidekick today.

Illegitimate Kids - 2
Homeschooling - 2
Family Economies - 7
Teens Don't Want to Work - 7
Lazy Teens (video games playing re: 'Grand Theft Auto') - 10
Narcissists - 3
Mispronunciation to be dramatic - 12
No increase in minimum wage - 4
No minimum wage - 6
Christian kids are busy - 7
Bible says you must work every day but Sunday - 4
"Unemployment is a non-issue" - 1
Minimum wage is the government forcing small business out of business - 1
Trust God for wages - 1
Breakdown of Biblical character - 6
You must work to extend God's kingdom -4
Teens have bad character - 3

Pause for fear tactics commercial about how Obama is coming for your guns and to force you to sign up for Obama-Care to get to you sign up for the Rocky Mountain Family Conference.

Kids have too much money and are "spoiled" - 1
Parents spoiled non-Christian kids - 1
Child labor laws are bad - 5
Compares child labor laws to wearing helmets on bicycles as useless - 3
Nanny State - 3
If you don't work you don't eat - 1
Nero and the fall of Rome - 1

All this leads to Swanson hawking his Bible study on the book of Proverbs. Oh lawd how the moolah must roll in.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 30 - Why Nice Fundamentalist Girls Jump Ship

When Rebellion or Autonomy Gets Real Bad

My aim when I started this blog was to track and list all the disgraceful things that only someone verging on Pharisaical might say, like Swanson has been infamous for in the past.  Today marked a change. There wasn't anything just horrifyingly awful or hateful said. I may not agree completely with his idea of faith but something was different, much better different about the show.

Subject was an article by Samantha Eiler posted at The Huffington Post that I could not find on the Huff Po site. She wrote about leaving the fundamentalism of her pastor father's faith during college. The second half of the program involved the recent shootings in Isla Vista, California.

While I can't agree with everything Swanson said for a change he was respectful, revealing during the program that God had recently convicted him of the need to be 'kinder and tenderhearted' and that he'd been a bit 'harsh'.

I cannot bash him for doing the very thing I've been wanting to happen, stop the insanely disgusting rhetoric and blaming some of the more out there sexual practices as the end result of not following his brand of religion.

Time will tell if there is actually a need for me to monitor Swanson. If he keeps up like he did Friday I may have nothing to talk about here.

Monday and Tuesdays shows will be up shortly.