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Kevin Swanson
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 28 - Franklin Graham Exoriates Cowardly Pastors

Turning Tables on the Gay Mafia

Kevin didn't have any prominent guests on Wednesday so he was free to wander back into his land of disgraceful statements and vile words. He was joined in his basement studio by regular Bill Jacks (if I got that name right. That accent is an odd one to parse sometimes). Kevin was a busy lil' man today.

Ridiculous Statements:
  • Christians should vote with their dollars (okay, perhaps not too ridiculous)
  • Liberals want their sin endorsed by Christians
  • Christians do not shoot your wounded
  • Gay marriage kills nations
  • Gays celebrate and endorse sin
  • GQ Magazine and The Huffington Post both white wash lifestyles of abomination
Silly Stories:
  •  Cake Wars: Bill went to different bakeries asking to have a cake shaped like a book with scriptures condemning homosexuality written on it. When each baker refused to put his hate speech on a cake Bill filed a claim that his Civil Rights had been violated.
Dishonorable mentions:
  •  Gay Agenda - 6
  • Bestiality - 1
  • Neronic or Nero - 10 He frequently mentions Nero for wanting to marry a gay man. For goodness sake please no one tell him about Caligua marrying his horse or he'll start tossing about Caliguanic
  • Gays - 7
  • Gay Marriage - 15
  • Gays Destroying the Family - 1
  • Polygamy - 1
  • Lesbians and Orangutangs - 2
  • Right Wing Watch - 1
  • Duck Dynasty and/or Phil Robertson - 7
  • Communists - 1
  • Gays wanting to persecute Christians -7

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