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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26: Memorial Day - Covenant Dad

Flawed Father, Flawed Family

Kevin kept himself in check today as far as the nastier things he says that no Christian radio personality should say. But it seems it was more due to the fact that he had Greg Thornberg, Evangelical pastor and author of "Fathers Leading Families" flacking his book than any change of dirty mind.

It was more difficult to listen to than his usual because of the whiny weak voice of his guest and some of the more ridiculous statements.

Ridiculous statements

  • "Men are annointed" - speaking about male headship over women
  • "Convenantal headship" not "Patriarchy" They're all worried about being painted with the same brush as Vision Forum's humping the nanny Doug Phillips

  • and the ever helpful - "Get over it!"

Silly ideas

  • Neglected headship leads to a curse from God
  • The world is Anti-Fatherhood
  • 95% of Homeschoolers remain in the faith if raised by a convenantal father
  • Keep your women at home home, even after you die
  • Atheists are always the product of bad neglectful fathers
Dishonorable mentions

  • Blaming LBGT -1
  • Racism against Muslims - 1
  • Illegitimate children - 1
  • Apostate/Apostasy - 2
  • Divorce Culture -1
  • Made Up Words - 3
  • Russian Communists -1
He was really quite restrained for a change. Too bad he didn't bother to mention Memorial Day or add a thanks or gratitude for our veterans.

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