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Kevin Swanson
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Friday, May 30, 2014

May 29 - Planned Parenthood "God Supports Abortion"

What happened at the Abortion Clinic on Friday 

With his usual side kick Bill Jack of Worldview Academy from the "basement bunker" on ripped folding chairs with a war mentality (all their own description, not mine)

Ridiculous Statements:
  • "Grow a brain"
  • "Protect our families"
Silly Ideas: 
  • Claiming no abortions took place before the late 1800's
  • Christians need to stop trying to effect change in every sin because they need to develop discernment between 'gnats and camels'
  • Christians should advance the culture for liberty, even for Athiests, because liberty is the essence of "God's Law"
  • The Old Testament refers to abortion as sin and Exodus 21 lays out fines and/or punishments for abortion
  • Only Christians see people as having worth and value. Everyone thinks they are worthless.
  • It's okay for you or your children to break the abortion clinic 'Bubble Laws' because you are 'bringing comfort' to those coming to the clinic
  • It is Christian love in action when you stand at a clinic carrying signs that read "Babies Are Murdered Here!"
  • People arrested for violating the 'Bubble Laws' should not be put in jail.
  • He resents having to pay taxes because taxes fund abortions. (Too bad he doesn't work an actual 'real' job where he would pay taxes.)
Dishonorable Mentions:
  • Abortion - 19
  • Kevin Swanson was sued by Planned Parenthood -1
  • Planned Parenthood Bullies - 2
  • Personhood for fetuses - 3
  • Bad sports metaphors - 3
  • Federal funding for abortions - 9
  • Brainwashing - 3
  • Hijacking Christianity for abortion - 1
  • Planned Parenthood supporting clergy - 5
  • Raging Feminists - 2
  • Saving babies - 6
  • Deliberately mispronouncing words to seem more dramatic - 10
 Not sure any of this actually lines up with anything Jesus ever said.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Kevin Swanson Radio Show Bingo Card

Just download, print and mark off which ones Kevin says on his show daily...

May 28 - Franklin Graham Exoriates Cowardly Pastors

Turning Tables on the Gay Mafia

Kevin didn't have any prominent guests on Wednesday so he was free to wander back into his land of disgraceful statements and vile words. He was joined in his basement studio by regular Bill Jacks (if I got that name right. That accent is an odd one to parse sometimes). Kevin was a busy lil' man today.

Ridiculous Statements:
  • Christians should vote with their dollars (okay, perhaps not too ridiculous)
  • Liberals want their sin endorsed by Christians
  • Christians do not shoot your wounded
  • Gay marriage kills nations
  • Gays celebrate and endorse sin
  • GQ Magazine and The Huffington Post both white wash lifestyles of abomination
Silly Stories:
  •  Cake Wars: Bill went to different bakeries asking to have a cake shaped like a book with scriptures condemning homosexuality written on it. When each baker refused to put his hate speech on a cake Bill filed a claim that his Civil Rights had been violated.
Dishonorable mentions:
  •  Gay Agenda - 6
  • Bestiality - 1
  • Neronic or Nero - 10 He frequently mentions Nero for wanting to marry a gay man. For goodness sake please no one tell him about Caligua marrying his horse or he'll start tossing about Caliguanic
  • Gays - 7
  • Gay Marriage - 15
  • Gays Destroying the Family - 1
  • Polygamy - 1
  • Lesbians and Orangutangs - 2
  • Right Wing Watch - 1
  • Duck Dynasty and/or Phil Robertson - 7
  • Communists - 1
  • Gays wanting to persecute Christians -7

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 27 - When The Wheels Come Off of Relationships

Conflict Resolution in the Home

I have to tell you I laughed harder at some of the pontificating sanctimonious crap spilling out of Swanson's mouth in this broadcast than I have at any recent comedy. If only he actually meant sincerely what he was saying it would be a big step in the right direction for him.

His guests were Hal and Melanie Young, authors of "Raising Real Men" and they actually had some pretty decent advice on dealing with conflicts in marriages and relationships.

Kevin spent his show being obsession about how bloggers are tearing people down and forgetting their humanity, how they are criticizing REAL PEOPLE with REAL FEELINGS. He's somehow forgotten all the ugly things he's said about people groups made up of REAL PEOPLE, including those of us in recovery from spiritual abuse. He wants to pretend that these people are attacking him for no reason.

Sometime Kevin reminds me of this guy -

Kip Dynamite from the film "Napoleon Dynamite" He sometimes speaks like Kip and well, you know, I'm not going to be cruel here, but there are some similarities between this fictional character and Kevin.

Okay, without further ado - the show breakdown

Ridiculous Statements:

  • "Impossible to deal with all the nuances of internet communications"
  • Called himself an "Educational Leader"
  • Says he forgets offenses

Silly Ideas: 

  • Internet commentators and bloggers are creating straw men and false dichotomies
  • Criticizing anyone over the internet is blasphemy
  • Criticism is different than issuing a sternly worded "Public Statement"
  • Says internet commentators and bloggers are practicing Ungodly Judgmentalism and depersonalizes people into things

Dishonorable Mentions:

  • Made up words - 3
  • Divorce culture -1
  • Mispronunciations - 4 -  although I am starting to believe his mispros might just be his odd regional accent and strange emphasis on certain syllables. 

As you can see whenever Swanson has a respectable or semi-respectable guest aboard there is no discussion of feces-eating, lesbians, incest, or his favorite - bestiality.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26: Memorial Day - Covenant Dad

Flawed Father, Flawed Family

Kevin kept himself in check today as far as the nastier things he says that no Christian radio personality should say. But it seems it was more due to the fact that he had Greg Thornberg, Evangelical pastor and author of "Fathers Leading Families" flacking his book than any change of dirty mind.

It was more difficult to listen to than his usual because of the whiny weak voice of his guest and some of the more ridiculous statements.

Ridiculous statements

  • "Men are annointed" - speaking about male headship over women
  • "Convenantal headship" not "Patriarchy" They're all worried about being painted with the same brush as Vision Forum's humping the nanny Doug Phillips

  • and the ever helpful - "Get over it!"

Silly ideas

  • Neglected headship leads to a curse from God
  • The world is Anti-Fatherhood
  • 95% of Homeschoolers remain in the faith if raised by a convenantal father
  • Keep your women at home home, even after you die
  • Atheists are always the product of bad neglectful fathers
Dishonorable mentions

  • Blaming LBGT -1
  • Racism against Muslims - 1
  • Illegitimate children - 1
  • Apostate/Apostasy - 2
  • Divorce Culture -1
  • Made Up Words - 3
  • Russian Communists -1
He was really quite restrained for a change. Too bad he didn't bother to mention Memorial Day or add a thanks or gratitude for our veterans.

Friday, May 23, 2014

May 23 - Washington DC Schools Spend $29,349 Per Pupil

More Education Monies = Less Proficiency

Dishonorable Mentions

  • Bestiality - 1
  • Sodomy - 1
  • Incest - 3
  • Homosexual Agenda - 2
  • Mispronunciation of words trying to be 'cute' or 'hip' - 3
  • Racism against African Americans and inner city residents - 7
  • Misuse of the word "Creeper" - 3
  • Single Parent families and/or illegitimate births - 4
  • Fornication - 1
  • Divorce -1
  • Homosexuals support murder and murders - 2
  • Rape - 2
  • Trying to be 'hip' by using word 'dude' - 1
  • Begging for funding - 1 minute and 41 seconds

In The Beginning - May 22nd: Is America Encouraging Persecution of Christians?

As I stated in the side panel the purpose of this blog is to track daily the hypocrisy, dangerous ideas and bizarre sexual fetishes of one Kevin Swanson on his daily radio show Generations With Vision. I listen so you don't have to.

I plan on update the blog every Monday through Friday after listening to his show.

What am I listening for and listing here? Read and see. Mostly it will be things that Kevin loves to blame shift or project onto instead of doing any deep critical thinking and taking action towards resolving. Listening to him Kevin seems to come across as mentally masturbating to the sound of his own voice.


Thursday May 22nds show was about how Obama is supposedly protecting the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the world. It exposed lots of racism against Islam and Muslims. Here's the breakdown of today's stats.

Dishonorable Mentions
  • Neronic -1
  • Homosexual Agenda -1
  • Mispronunciation of 'big' words - 4
  • Made up words - 1
  • Racism against Arabs, Muslims and Islam - 24
  • Begging for funding - 1 minute and 29 seconds