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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday August 13, 2014 - Robin Williams Commits Suicide

Consistency to a Worldview

Just thinking about what Kevin Swanson is going to say about the late Robin Williams makes me want to slap that silly smirk off his face in the photo on his site. I'm betting what he says will make Matt Walsh's disgusting blog seem like inoffensive fluff, as harmless as marshmallow fluff, instead of the nouthetics bull that it was.

This is the most I've been skeeved out and not looking forward to the puerile ravings on one Mr. Kevin Swanson.

It's a dirty job but someone has to monitor what comes out of the mouth of this horribly inappropriate supposed Christian man. I suspect he would horrify Jesus by the things he says and how he says them.

Cue the clown music and fast talking.

00:15 His other boot licking side kick Steve Vaugh is here so you can bet it's going to get vile, hateful and inappropriate. In other words sort of like a KKK rally.

00:30 "This is a sad story" re: Williams suicide.

1:25 "This is certainly demonstrating the chinks in a dying culture"

1:38 If this was a drinking game where you had to do a shot every time Swanson said something you didn't expect I would be drinking right now. He called Robin Williams a genius. But... there are so many over the top dramatic mispronunciations right now it's painful to listen to.

2:28 aw jezee.. he's already said 'culture' several dozen times and seems to be heading towards saying that the culture Williams lived in cause his depression/suicide after the last few minutes of praising Williams.

3:07 Rolling eyes here, they're blaming the mainstreaming of "The F Word", or as we non-koolaid drinkers call it 'Fuck' on Robin William's standup routine.

3:39 using the 'F Word' is one of the most self destructive things you can do according to the Gospel by K. Swanson. Did he live in a plastic bubble his entire life?

4:24 - Saying the 'F Word' is the crossover from being a man to reducing everyone to animals. More sexual hangups than the pegboard holding the vibrators at the sex toy shop.

4:46 Now Kevin is claiming that the big bad 'F Word' means either animals copulating or rape.

5:39 He's busting out his other buzzword - Worldview- and starting to whore out his new book "Tattooed Jesus" about, you guessed it, Culture and Worldview.

6:42 Comparing Robin Williams to Ernest Hemingway and saying that saying the 'F Word' over and over and over again in life leads right to suicide. If that's the case why haven't Stevedores, Dock Workers, Sailors, Bartenders, etc, started dropping dead by suicide left and right?

7:13 Nihilistic evolutionary worldview is so hopeless you start committing suicide.

7:36 Moving right along to bringing up Williams well publicized problems with drugs and alcohol, blaming it on worldview instead of what it likely was, self-medicating for chronic depression.

8:35 First mention of Swanson's horrible book "Apostate" Gotta mention it at least three or four times each show and offering it now at reduced price.

9:23 Another whoring out mention of "Apostate". Book not selling so well?

10:03 Liberal arts degree holders, especially literary arts,  are responsible for the liberal worldview being promoted by the culture.

10:22 Literary Arts lead to apostasy

10:43 Another mention of "Apostate"! Ha.

12:35 Lots of blathering about "carpe diem" and Robin Williams role as John Keating in the "Dead Poets Society" leading to suicide. At least Kevin has shut up about his own damn books.

13:51 Now blathering about "Patch Adams" and how death is the big enemy. Huh? Doesn't Kevin know that Jesus said that to conquer death you only have to die. Doesn't sound like fear or enemy to me, just Swanson making illogical leaps.

Here comes that muzak.

14:39 Ad for his Father and Son retreat. Yawn. What is Kevin going to teach them? How to avoid hemorrhoids from hours sitting in a basement ranting against Obama and "THE WORLDVIEW"!

16:42 Pop culture is despairing and world view is despairing now. Despair is mainstream.

17:48 I can hear Kevin spitting on the microphone he's mispronouncing so hard to declare that humanists are realizing there is no purpose to life and dying/committing suicide at young ages.

18:08 "Embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ or bust, suicide"

18:20 Mentioning Ken Ham, the guy that debated Bill Nye and lost it, Ham's now claiming that Christian music and musicians are now mocking cretonism.. errr, creationism. Apparently the band Gungor is saying you cannot take all the Bible literally. This is good because Kevin has pronounced the name "Gungor" a dozen different ways in this segment. Most interesting thing in the entire lame program.

20:15 Oh holy you-know-what! Gungor is denying that the Noah's flood story is true because 'science and rational thought'. This is causing Swanson's head to spin. Science is like kryptonite to these guys.

Why is it always black or white with these guys? Why is any other possible thought so damn threatening to them?

22:40 now they are mocking science. Oh brother.

24:16 K Swizzle sounds like he's starting to foam at the mouth trying to debunk scientific observation, carbon dating and DNA. Has he had his rabies shots?

24:30 Major spitting and dramatic mispronunciation to try and show science as some junk voodoo. Sort of like one of my granddad's goats when they're annoyed.

Gungor is on the road to apostasy.

27:35 Now Kevin is attacking Bloom Church of Denver, the church that Gungor is part of. Very Christian of him. He's saying they are the ultimate in false religion and humanism.

28:49 Second mention/whoring out his upcoming book "The Tattooed Jesus" so that you'll know if you're following "THE REAL JESUS!"

29:36 Another mention of "Apostate"! Get your copy and give Kevin back his garage.

29:27 Now Kevin is pissed off because Bloom Church welcomes everyone regardless of race, color, gender or sexual orientation. He wants them to call homosexuals to REPENTANCE!!!!!

30:46 Gungor says that they were inspired by Rob Bell (or as he is known to the Evangelicals "Satan") and Rachel Held Evans ("Mrs. Satan" or maybe "Satan's Sister", take your pick)

31:41 Fourth, maybe fifth mention of "Apostate" He really must be desperate to move those books taking up valuable real estate in his garage. Bet they'd make dandy toilet paper in a pinch.

and we're done.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Thursday August 7th, 2014 - Freedom from Sexual Addiction

Interview with Mike Genung 

There are days when I see the topic for the day at Generations With Vilene..err..Vision and feel like just going off on Swanson. Just like in this wonderful photo from the film "White Chicks" I.. uh.. 'borrowed' from my friend Lisa Kerr's blog. Lisa, you are awesome in the best way possible!

"Hold my poodle, hold my purse, cuz I am about to go off on this fool!"

This is one of those days. This particular basement-produced internet production by a homeschooled guy afraid of the entire world comes with a warning about the material about to be discussed. Ha. No one really should be listening to anything coming out of Swanson's mouth considering he routinely throws around words not usually heard in polite society, like 'bestiality' or 'pedophilia' and 'filth eating'

Whoops! Distracted by my latest quilting catalog. Whoever is holding my poodle and purse needs to hold this catalog or I'm not going to be able to absorb (like a diaper) all the crap spewing from Swanson's mouth today.

Looks like Blazing Grace Ministry's Mike Gunung is going on to promote his book 'The Road to Grace'.  Wonder what the Vegas odds, over or under, are on Kevin Swanson behaving himself well with a stranger or going all out nuts with disgusting vile terms?

Let's see. Clue the music and the speed talking...

This is going to be free-form today with no time stamps. For some reason his website listen function isn't working for me today and my download is showing zero times.

A long list of things that porno supposedly kills, fatherhood, marriages, families, etc, etc, yeah, we get it. Some men cannot control their penises and minds.

Women weaken men sexually -1
Sin of lust -13
Pornography - 12
Demons! - 1
Internet porn - 1
Sexual addictions - 6
Sexually broken (you're kidding me! lol) - 2

Mike sounds like a low-t type of a guy, very effeminate.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition started his porn addiction - 1
Masturbation - 4
Hookers - 3
Adultery -1
STDs -1
Teenage Molestation -1
Drugs - 2
Alcohol - 2
Porn as a coping mechanism - 3
Risking marriage - 4

Well, at least this guy started taking steps and joining support groups to try and stop

Freak - 1
Self-Sex - 2

12 Steps doesn't work as well as JESUS!

God broke him free - 2
TV in the Hotel Rooms makes you think about porn - 2
ALL TV brings porn thoughts - 2
Magazines at the grocery store bring porno thoughts - 1

This is actually kind of boring. Even with descriptions of sin and stories of how he couldn't control himself. Kevin is just saying 'Uh huh' over and over again while Mike is talking about personal relationships with God, peace, love, etc...and that he suddenly believed in God. Thank Gawd someone is holding that quilting catalog away from me. Mind wandering. I would be ignoring this to order more fabric. I really do not need more fabric.

Trainwrecking wives hearts via porn - 3
Wive has to forgive for the marriage to survive - 3
She has to forgive! (bullshit! if I found my husband banging prostitutes it would be a cold day in hell before I'd be likely to forgive and forget.) - 3
Churches should address porn/lust and don't - 11
70% of Christian men struggle with porn! - 1
Parents must teach about lust - 6
Every little boy is a sinner -2
Jeffrey Dahmer - 1 - Kevin does seem to love himself some serial killers now.
What lust skeletons are in the pastors closets - 11

Swanson didn't push his father-son retreat or attempt to tie in his book "Apostate" He was incredibly restrained and respectful. If he stuck to talking of God's grace, forgiveness of sins, love, helping others break bondage without adding in the insulting blaming he usually does I'd have no problem with him or his radio show. But he seems to have very little humility much of the time and is usually busy shouting out prideful statements without any real evidence backing them.

Give me back my poodle, purse and quilting catalog. I need to go clutch my pearls over something else now because it's not going to be this today.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tuesday August 5th 2014 - Columbine, Dahmer, Finland Killer

Evolution's Prodigies - With that title I think that Kevin needs to take a look at one of Weird Al's newest videos -

I think Weird Al would poke out his ear drums after listening to Swanson's daily Word Crimes and dramatic mispronunciations. I feel like it, which is why I'm only doing this once or twice a week now even as I stated at first I would do it daily. It's too depressing for every day. A constant barrage of stupid with word-mangling thrown in.

Swanson's going to try to prove that because these three believed in evolution that they couldn't help but turn out to be warped serial killers. He didn't prove his suppositions last week when he was talking of Jeffery Dahmer. The whole serial killer thing must be fascinating to K. Swizzle.

Steeling myself for his horrible intro music...3....2...1...oh barf!

We start with the usually babbling at warp speed with mention of his basement and butt kissing side kick Bill Jack.

00.52 Sidekick bragging about hauling a bunch of college aged students out to do street ministry.

Satan - 1
Satan's minions - 1
Worldview -15
Millennial Generation - 1
Word Mispronunciation - 40 - An all time new high score! I've heard people with a mouth filled with marbles enunciate more clearly.
Evolution/evolutionist - 19
Jeffrey Dahmer - 12
Hannibel Lecter - 1

2:10 - Mainstream liberal media is covering up the quotes of Jeffrey Dahmer that prove his evolutionary world view caused him to kill.

Columbine - 7
Ideas have consequences - 4

3:07 - Evolutionist college professors are training these killers in their biology classrooms.

Marxism - 1

4:09 - Blaming it on the eugenics of Margaret Sanger and Adolph Hitler. Swanson has such a constant hardon for Hitler and the 3rd Reich!

4:31 - Hitler and eugenics are linked directly to Darwin and evolutionary theory

Non-believers want to disown their children - 2
Creationism - 4
Creationism materials were causing Dahmer to repent - 3
Repent/Repentance - 6
Homosexual  - 1
Cannibalism - 3
Animal behavior - 4
Death/killing - 4

7:28 - Evolution celebrates death. Creation celebrates life.

Jesus - 5
Paradigm Shift - 3

9:09 - Jeffrey Dahmer decided he wasn't an animal, like he'd been taught by the public school system. Nice dig at public education there, Kevvy.

Finnish shooter - 1
Weeding out the unfit for murder -10
Social Darwinist - 1

10:27 - Stupid weak-minded people reproduce faster than intelligent strong-minded people

10:45 - His killings were just carrying out the lab portion of his biology class

10:50 - Now Bill Jack has a hardon for the Nazis. I can tell Hitler makes these men horny.

Nazi's Superior Race Blathering - 5

11:14 - and moving right along to the shooting near Kevin Swanson's basement, that basement he huddles in and hurtles opinions from, Columbine.

11:34 - Non Christians are not consistent and logical with their worldviews.

11:38 - Only the Christian worldview can stand the weight of reality

12:12 - Richard Dawkins is a blood sucking parasite on the Christian Worldview.

Now Bill Jack is doing dramatically over-pronunciation of words like his pal. Ouch, my ears/brain!

12:50 - Evolution has produced generation after generation of murderers.

They are referencing the Loeb and Leopold trials but cannot remember the names.. LOL If you knew you would be discussing murders based on so-called evolutionary viewpoints why not do enough research to have the materials right at hand and know the names?

Severe murders all connected to evolution teachings - 3

14:12 - Columbine is the most memorable mass murder in this country. I guess he was hiding under a rock in his basement the day 9/11 happened.

14:50 - Eric Harris wore a t-shirt referencing natural selection and evolution the day of the Columbine murders.

Columbine shooters targeted Christians - 2

16:15 - First mention/whoring out of the book "Apostate"!

16:18 - Darwin was clinically insane

16:30 - Sin drives you to the Jeffery Dahmer position, Darwin position, Margaret Sanger position, and, you guessed it, The HITLER position. What is the Hitler Position? Does it involve trying to goosestep while in the missionary position?

Cosmic slime - 4

17:48 - Richard Dawkins would say we were being absurd. (and he'd be right, I think) Dawkin's philosophy not grounded in reality. He wants to blame all the evil connected with evolution on Christians.

18:16 - Now they are complaining about atheists ranting on blogs and blaming religion for the evils of the world. It's the religion of evolution that creates mass murder.

Planned Parenthood murderers - 1

18:32 - Oh dear, here comes the music. I suppose we're in for another commercial for that silly camp of his. Sounds like they are going to be talking about dinosaur bones and the lie that they think carbon dating is.

20:33 - and they're back..

21:55 - Scientist at Northridge in California finds dinosaur horn with soft tissue, writes article claiming there is no way it could be very old and loses job to lack of funding. Of course Swanson and pals see an evil Liberal conspiracy.

22:40 - The students turned the scientist in for teaching creationism in his classroom. Somehow this is him being persecuted as a Christian.

24:45 - This is biological evidence that dinosaurs are not 65 million years old, they are recent. I don't recall ever seeing a T-Rex strolling through the DC area.

26:05 - Evolution gets rid of the need for God and does press releases very well.

One thing I am noticing listening to Kevin Swanson and pals, and it is that nothing is ever discussed in any depth, real knowledge or with definitive proof. Very shallow, as shallow as the royal gene pool. That's not good.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wednesday July 30, 2014 - Jeffrey Dahmer - Evolutionist, Cannibal or Christian

*Shakes head in chagrin* Almost sorry for K Swizzle that he's scraping the bottom of the theological barrel for material by doing a show on the spirituality of Dahmer. Subjects must be thin on the ground. This book they will be discussing was published way back in 2006.

Interview: The Pastor Who Baptized Jeffrey Dahmer

Oh boy! Cue the music and the speaking like he's on speed Kevin Swanson and his Dahmer-tinged testimony.

Publicans and sinners - 5
Mispronunciations - 9
Blaming theory of evolution for Dahmer's actions - 4
K Swizzle didn't think Dahmer would be in heaven - 1
Tool of Satan - 1
Chasing legions of demons - 2
Evil - 3

Kevin brings in Church of Christ pastor Roy Ratcliff about his book on Dahmer's Christianity "Dark Journey, Deep Grace". This isn't good. It means K Swizzle is going to be sort of respectable for a change. He needs his sycophants to go into Crazytown with shouts of bestiality and filth-eating.

Cannibalism -1
Homosexuality - 1
Blaming parents not going to church for Dahmer's crimes - 2

Kevin picks Ratcliff's brain. It's actually interesting, informative and respectful for once.

Out of mind while committing crime - 1
Blaming it on demons - 2
Alcoholism - 1
Living in deception - 2
Suicide - 2
Mental Illness - 2
Backslid Parents  - 3
Evolutionists view people as animals - 3
Atheist - 1
Materialists - 2
The world basks in the evil of Dahmer's life - 1

Wow, no dumb commercials, pee breaks or begging for money. Who kidnapped the real Kevin Swanson and replaced him with this guy?

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th - Facebook Seductive Selfies

When Christian Girls Seduce the Boys

What's K Swizzle up to today? I haven't visited him in a while as I'm getting where I can only take him in very small doses. Sometimes it seems like he has some sort of diagnosed mental disorder and it becomes too much like tossing rocks at the little 'not quite right' boy down the street. You know, that kid that drools, wets his pants and who cannot help it. You want to laugh and point, but you know it would be too cruel.

And the music starts....

..Kevin is speed talking and introducing his brown nosing pal Steve..

Rabidly anti-Christian culture - 4
Sin - 6

Ha! Grumpy vacation for the Swansons and they ended up on their knees praying the grumpy sin away...

Good Christian girls aping the world - 3
Models posting sexualized - 2
Proverbs 7 Woman - 9
Seductiveness - 12
Women today are Proverbs 7 -2
Seductive Selfies - 6
Getting guys to pay attention - 5
Pride/Bragging - 10
Facebook is Human Pride - 8
No Facebook for Christians - 6
Selfie Girls have no Godly affirmations - 2
Good Christian women should not be concerned with clothing - 5
Cow Tag Thing - 1
Ostentatious - 2

Bragging about 'cool' in high school with cars.

Music and commercial for that father son retreat and anti-homosexual sounding ultra masculine things like blood tracking and high ropes course. Bargain basement price. Sales of tickets must not be going well. Well, assclown Scott Brown is the featured speaker....

CBS aired Kristeen Young "Pearl of a Girl' - 3
Apostate/Apostasy - 14
Whoring the book "Apostate" - 5
Facebook causes Apostates - 2
Evil evil feminist -8
Kill the Christians!!! - 2
Muslims are more oppressive - 1
Equality making Kevin lose his shit - 5
Competition makes women manly - 1
Destroying the family - 4

The average American family is the woman running everything with the husband in the basement with the porn? Substitute "Internet Radio Show" for "Porn" and it sounds like Kevin Swanson.

Lust - 5
Gays - 1

Oh dear Gawd! The music is starting for a SECOND Break. Does he have to push something else or is this a pee break or something...and then it comes right back up again. Did Kevin lean against the wrong button working his computer?

Spiritual but not religious is growing - 6

Kevin is clearly confusing the meaning of the word 'religion' and doesn't seem to understand that you can be close to the Lord without going to a corrosive church.

Silly mentions of Jack Bauer  - 4
Judging the relationships of others with the divine - 2
Non Christians all jellus of what K Swizzle and sidekick have according to them - 3

Claiming you cannot have fruits of the spirit without being in a church surrounded by others. Silly silly considering even Jesus retreated from others to pray many times.

Church hopping - 3
If you aren't going to church you aren't saved - 2
Post-Moderns only wants to worship themselves - 3

He's flacking his dreadful and inaccurate book "Apostate" rather hard. It's half price now. I suppose he's about to be stuck with a huge pile of them. Hey Kevin, here's an idea. Burn the extra copies this winter in your woodstove. At least by keeping your family warm they would be serving some function.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday July 17 - Millennials and President Obama

Narcissism is the Zeitgeist! or so saith Kevin

Look who's calling other folks a narcissist! Buhahahha! Thanks for the huge laugh~ Here comes the cheesy music!

Narcissist/Narcissism - 8
Mispronouncing them big words - 25 ('May- jurs' instead of 'measures')
"I am a God" - 5

His ass-kissing side kick tells the same stupid story he told a few weeks ago to illustrate people worshiping different Gods.

You cannot be a narcissist if you are a Christian - 1
Obama uses first person singular - 10
Demagoguery - 2
"Neener-Neener-Neener" - 2
King Obama - 1
Destruction of English language by Obama - 5
"Me Just Vote" - 11
Evil Humanism - 3
Ayn Randianists (he also mispronounced her name!)- 1
Blame Obama for people not paying their mortgages and bills - 1
The end of real relationships and marriage - 2
Divorce - 1
Mispronouncing Jean Paul Sartre! -1
Criticizing Christian Music - 12
Hymns aren't narcissist - 5
Selfish love - 1
Lazy young folks - 2
Tell young folks to "GO DIE" - 6

Oh no! The music. Here comes a commercial for his father son camping thing

Matt Walsh accused Obama of anti black racism - 5
Nebraska parade float making fun of Obama - 5 (Kevin is okay with that type of racism apparently)
Obama's white side is racist against his black side - 1
Obama lies like he breathes and stokes race riots - 2
Obama is a race baiter - 2
Obama letting everyone cross the border so they can vote for him - 5
Obama is an elitist - 1
They don't hate Obama for being black - 6
No such thing as race - 7
Obama is encouraging hatred - 2
Claiming that USA pulling all the druggies out of Mexico and creating problems in Mexico - 3
Defunding public schools -1
Defunding welfare - 1
The country can only be fixed by Christ's salvation - 4
The laws of God are not correctly preached -2

Thanks for the guffaws, Swanson. The last time I saw that much twisting and turn was at a Twister party.  Shine on you crazy lump of coal..

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday July 14th - When a Family Vision Goes International

I suspect today's Generations With Vision is going to be boring, suck harder than a roomful of Hoovers. It's a straight up subject and likely a more mainstream evangelical flogging their book. When that happens Kevin behaves much better. But it's a lot less pleasant to listen to, it's boring....

Perhaps I am wrong as this quote from his site about today's program is pretty out there - "The Kingdom is far less WASPY than it used to be"

Are you kidding me? The Evangelical world is almost entirely white and Waspy with a few tokens thrown in just so they can claim not to be racially bigoted. Explains how Voddie Baucham ended up in their lily-white enclave. 

Cue the poorly done synth music it's time for Kevin! I'm stoked.

His daughter Emily is in the studio. Suspect no mentions of Gay Whoppers, bestiality or fornication

Mispronunciations  - 6
Family Vision - 3
Kid don't listen to the way your dad mangles words!
WASPS are Apostates - 1
Whoring book "Apostates - 1

Run, Emily, Run!!!!!

Playing the race card about missions trips - 1
Emily uses a made up word "Ginormous". Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Swanson behaving with incredible restraint. Kid sounds like a normal teen. 
Emily is talking about her missionary three months trip to Uganda. 

..and we're going into break with the theme music that makes me want to poke my eardrums out with a rusty knife...and onto the commercial for his father son crap. Signups must be going poorly because he's reduced the price.

After the break he brings on a pastor from Michigan in that helped establish the first dairy in Nigeria.

Kevin is marveling over how the 'White Guys' aren't running the dairy, that it's all local black Africans. His exposure of his own unconscious racism is the only thing worth listening to on this show.

Mind wandering because it's just dullsville compared to his usual shouts of "Hitler" "Adultery" "Filth-Eaters"

No one offered Swanson goats for his daughter, LOL.. the last African missions trip I went on one of the locals offered my pastor a huge pile of goats for me because I had 'magic hair' - Straight, down to my ass and colorfully streaked red.

PS The hubby and I had to have Whoppers last night after hearing Swanson ranting over and over about Gay Whoppers. Sadly, they'd stopped selling the Gay Whopper so we had to settle for Non-Gay Whoppers.